PETA Kids has picked our contest winners. Congratulations to Matthew Erinn and Naomi! They've won their own PETA Kids ads and the titles of Cutest Vegan Kid. Read more about Matthew Erinn and Naomi, and check back to see their ads soon.

Thanks to all the great kids who were nominated this year and for all that you do to help animals. We hope you'll enter again next year!

Congratulations to 8-Year-Old Naomi of Somerset, Massachusetts!

She's PETA Kids' Cutest Vegan Kid of 2014!


Naomi went vegan shortly after her first birthday and has never looked back. A lifelong animal lover, she's the official family label reader to make sure that no meat, eggs, or dairy products make their way into the Berman household.

She loves visiting and comforting the animals at her local animal shelter and always takes along special treats for them. She even held her own fundraiser for the shelter by setting up a lemonade and bracelet stand. Naomi, who is learning to play the violin, also loves to dote on her three cats, two dogs, and two chickens, one of whom, Speckles, has stolen her heart.

Her favorite foods include artichoke hearts in lemon sauce, carrots with hummus, cucumber sandwiches, and, of course, dairy- and egg-free cakes and cookies.

Congratulations, Naomi!


Congratulations to 7-Year-Old Matthew Erinn of Beverly Hills, Florida!

He's PETA Kids' Cutest Vegan Kid of 2014!

Matthew Erinn

Matthew Erinn was raised vegan, and now that he's thinking for himself, he's quite proud of his ethical lifestyle. In fact, he has appointed himself the unofficial caretaker of all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood—feeding them, bathing them, taking the dogs for walks, and making sure that they're all healthy. Just as he always stands up for kids who are bullied, Matthew Erinn also staunchly protects animals from abuse by unkind people.

All the family's animal companions were rescued, including a neglected kitten who was teeming with parasites but now is a vision of health. Matthew Erinn's favorite foods include asparagus, blueberries, carrots, broccoli, and peaches, and he never met a dairy- and egg-free cake, brownie, or ice cream that he didn't like.

When he isn't in school or tending to his animals, you'll find Matthew Erinn in the nearby skate park practicing moves on his BMX bike.

Congratulations, Matthew Erinn!